Skype now exceeds 280 million users

May now have to answer to a new administration, after its acquisition by Microsoft in exchange for 8,500 million dollars, but Skype does not stop their growth and continues to raise its user base.

Today, the famous tool for chats and video calls through Voice over IP technology (VoIP), adds more than 280 million users . So, you’ve got to engage 30 million new users since late May , when he offered the last count.

The figure has been revealed during the financial reporting of income and Microsoft quarterly earnings for the first quarter of fiscal 2013. Although it is unknown what percentage of Skype brings benefits to the accounts of the Redmond company.

Since the purchase of Skype, Microsoft has tried to integrate the service into as many platforms as possible, such as your own Xbox 360, the mobile operating system Windows Phone and the new desktop system, compatible with tablets, Windows 8. Skype has also updated applications for competing software, iOS and Mac case, because the division has been able to maintain its autonomy within the ranks of the U.S. giant.

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