Skype now allows video short messages on Android and iOS applications

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Last December a change in the conditions of service of Skype implied that in the near future, the program will incorporate the ability to send short video messages to users who are not currently online. Now it seems that finally this function is enabled for users of Android and iOS .


This feature is active for USA, UK and some other countries including Spain is because we were able to use this functionality. To test simply select a contact and click the menu ‘More’. This opens a window that displays the options E S end file and video message . If the record can select a message from our video-camera Smartphone or Tablet. On the same screen of the camera, if you click on the icon of a  Apiz can put a title and a brief comment while for all that we send to do is click on the icon on .

If you are a Premium user can send unlimited messages while ordinary users have a maximum of 20. In all cases, the maximum length of each message is 3 minutes. Another added advantage is Premium users that their messages are kept indefinitely on the server and not deleted.

We invite you to do the test and prove to yourselves the activation of this new ‘Feature’.

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