Skype gets into the car of Windows 8

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The popular communication tool on the Internet, now owned by Microsoft, will from today a new version compatible with Windows 8 and it brings a major redesign of the interface in addition to its application intregración with People (People) of SO imminent .

Following the purchase of Skype by Microsoft no wonder that this tool was one of the first to upgrade to the new operating system from Redmond, Windows 8, which hits the market this week. way was and to Skype Windows 8 is a reality, a “step forward in collaboration with Microsoft to provide users with a new experience with a completely redesigned, allowing them to stay connected, so simple and effortless and fun,” explained from Skype . In that sense, the new version of Skype adds new features to highlight the most important to each user, and be available at all times as it works in the background. Users of Skype for Windows 8 will also enjoy a new design, “fast and fluid” and the forward and Skype integration with the application People (People) of Windows. 

Skype for Windows 8 offers a revamped interface that integrates with the new operating system design. According to the company said on its official blog Skype is a “fast, fluid and easy to use” that maximizes the potential of Windows 8 to be available whether accessed with a mouse or finger.

   As for the new features in this version mainly emphasizesintegration with the operating system and multitasking. First, the application is focused “on people you care about,” says the company, because Skype for Windows 8 brings together recent contacts and bookmarks to contact them much easier.

   Skype has also made it even easier to call landlines or mobile phones directly, thanks to a new and modern keyboard .Users can easily see how much credit you have Skype with active subscriptions and recent calls, all at a single glance.

   In addition, can also receive calls even if you are using another application and not have Skype open , allowing you to be “more connected” to your contacts. Skype for Windows 8 will report on new calls and new instant messages so the user will always know when someone wants to contact him.

   It also includes the option Snapping Skype . With it users canbrowse the web, view photos or consult a map while having a conversation with a friend or relative . In addition, integration with Windows 8 is completed with the Contacts app integration with the operating system.

   Skype for Windows 8 will be available on October 26 , when they will be released the final version of Windows 8.

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