Skype for Android: Microsoft Messenger integration, new tablet design and improved voice quality

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Microsoft has updated the mobile version of its instant messenger and VoIP service Skype for Google’s mobile operating system Android.Taken over by Microsoft Internet telephony provider has with the update to version 3.0 on Windows Live Messenger, the company’s own instant messaging service of the software company now in Skype for Android integrated.The third version of Skype also brings a new design for tablets as well as improved speech quality when making calls via VoIP.

Early November, Skype has with the release of the sixth version of the Windows Live Messenger built into the Windows version of its VoIP and messaging software. Now it is also possible on your Android smartphone, with its Microsoft account and then log into Skype to chat with its Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and contacts. Internet telephony is like the computer is not yet possible with Mircosoft contacts. Once the user has logged in after starting the app with his Mircosoft-user data, he logs in with his then like had a Skype ID. The Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and contacts imported the app automatically to the contact list.

In addition to that the latest version of Skype with a specially adapted for tablets interface that reminds you a little more on the full screen of the desktop version. The old version of Skype works on tablets only in portrait mode. Skype 3.0 will work only in landscape mode. That Skype has not implemented the portrait mode is a bit impractical for conversations.The keyboard is opened when chatting in landscape mode, it covers almost the entire conversation history.




Skype also has improved the voice quality of VoIP conversations. Skype for Android support in the third version of the audio codec SILK , which should ensure, especially in poor internet connection for better quality audio. Skype has provided a small taste of the improved speech quality in network.The latest version of Skype for Android is now available for free on Google’s Play Store for download. She always runs on all smartphones with Android operating system in version 2.1 and higher. After updating to the new version on Android 2.2 but was no longer possible to sign and read only an error message. Users who are still using this operating system version should, for safety, the old version with an app like AppMonster secure before the update. Under Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean there were no problems.

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