Skype 6.1 for Windows brings Outlook Integration

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Microsoft has its VoIP and messaging program Skype for Windows and Mac updated to version 6.1. The issue for Windows XP, Vista and 7 provides a revised toolbar and Outlook integration.The Mac version brings a better user profile view and the opportunity to websites contained telephone numbers to call directly in Safari.

Users of Skype 6.1 for Windows from Microsoft Outlook can now chat with their contacts and make calls out. To access these new features Outlook 2010 or later is required.

skypeThe update makes it easier to add contacts. Recently can be a search box in the tab search contacts by persons who are not listed in the contact list. They can then be added with a click.

The revised account summary page is easier to navigate through all account-related data. In addition, Microsoft has eliminated several problems, such as in connection with screen readers, text, favorite contacts, the video call button and the log-in window on small screens.

skype-6.1-mac-safariThrough the integration of Skype 6.1 for Mac with Safari users can send not only directly from the browser calls and SMS, but also add phone numbers displayed on their Skype contact list. The account page is now accessible via the Profile view. This allows profile and account information access and update more easily. Also fixed a bug whereby the Skype settings built into Mac OS X software Growl notification could not be selected and Skype instead used its own notification system.

The new versions of Skype are likely to be of particular interest to users of Windows Live Messenger. For the 15th March goes out of support for the software, introduced in 2006. By then, users must go to Skype.

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