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The online storage systems , also known as the cloud , are increasingly used by all users. And that is their comfort and utility can be of much help to avoid carrying documents, images and videos on flash drives or hard drives that can get lost or be intercepted by third parties . One such service that is striking is that Microsoft , known as SkyDrive , which will soon reach the platform Android after months of waiting.

For now, SkyDrive is a system of online storage for computers with operating system Windows ,smartphones with Windows Phone 7 and also for iPhone and iPad . However, the second platform majority still does not have an application that users access to your account SkyDrive . But not for long.And is that they have leaked a couple of images that confirm the development of this application andlook almost the end that show.

skydrive android

It is possible to see that, despite the careful design Holo can be seen in the latest versions of Android , known as Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean , where the color electric blue and minimalism are the predominant note in the application of SkyDrive will be the appearance of the next operating systemWindows 8 . Thus, everything is divided by square and solid colors that refer to different types of documents that can be managed, or dark blue , predominant in the logo and menus SkyDrive .

As can be seen in the images, they seem to respect the management options and views in versions foriPhone and Windows Phone 7 . Thus, it is possible to order all our files in different folders , which cancreate and name from the bottom bar. It also highlights the possibility of playing files like images, videos and sounds . They are shown in miniature in a grid where they are sorted, but it is possible to click on any of them to listen, or watch full screen all the details, without requiring other third party applications .

skydrive android

Do not forget the documents . These can be easily recognizable by their icons , which help us to differentiate between documents Word text , PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets . It should be noted further that SkyDrive is not a problem, at least in the versions already available, when displaying documents Docx as it can happen with other applications of online storage .

Without doubt this is a move that could harm the very cloud of Google , the popular Google Drive . And is that SkyDrive not only a complete tool , but also has a larger capacity . Thus, from the beginning, and completely free , offers a total of 7 GB available , up to 5 GB of Google . In addition, users with accounts of Windows Live Messenger, Xbox Live or any other related pre-launch Microsoft SkyDriveearlier this year, can expand their space to the tune of 25 GB . ¿Expand Google the ability to Google Drive and prevent bleeding of users? Let’s wait and see if these conditions hold for the implementation ofAndroid , coming in the next few weeks .

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