SkyDrive lets you edit documents without logging into Microsoft

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The storage service in the cloud giant’s property, SkyDrive , has added several new features to its website as Office Web Apps, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. Most important of all new features added, is that in addition we also share them open (edit) without the need to log on to a Microsoft. In a post that the giant has released SkyDrive’s blog says the number of Office documents that users have stored so far, so share without logging into Microsoft is a major change in service.

The giant has taken into account the considerations of many users expressing their frustration at having to log into an account of Microsoft to access the storage service in the cloud SkyDrive and make a quick edit to a document with Office Web Apps , which as we know is the tool to view and edit Word documents. The giant, meanwhile adds in a post that was recently published in the blog storage service in the cloud, the number of Office documents that are stored in SkyDrive(one billion) and now allows users to share and edit Office documents without the need to enter your Microsoft.

Also the service is also available in practically any mobile device , which provides access to documents regardless of platform, which will only download the application . This is an important step for the giant, and that many students can now work without having an account or register for Microsoft.

Simple to use and configure

The updated service operation is very simple. Once you have access to the document in question that we want to sharean option will appear in the tools menu called “share”. From this option you can set it to only read or view and edit for users who want to share it with. At the time, give us a link (a link) to indicate which our friends that we want to share the file, you can now view it or edit it without logging. We may also share your documents, files, with a particular user and only one link by email .

Beneficiaries after clicking on a link in an instant pass to editing the document in question, without logging into the account of the giant:

skydrive link

As seen, the Redmond not want to stay up to date in regard to cloud storage, making it easy to edit files and allowing the various options using Office Web Apps. Unless the owner of the document at its discretion and check the box can even edit documents with several people at once.



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