Six tips to customize Windows 8

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Windows 8 was released last October 26 , surrounded by a strong expectation that does not seem to find an answer in sales, at least for now. A key that has sought to develop Microsoft through its new operating system is the ability to customize the experience of use. In addition to combining our account of Microsoft with the system, the configuration of Windows 8 includes several tools to modify to our liking the look and the options on this platform. We show six simple tips to manage the new Windows.

1. Changes the color and the background image of Windows 8. One of the most interesting features offered by Microsoft system level customization is the ability to change the dominant color and the background image of the main interface. The user can choose between 25 different colors and 20 designs . To manage these issues, you have to drag the mouse to the right corner of the screen, then “Settings”, “PC Configuration Change” and within the customization options tab which is under the name “Home Screen”.

2. Creates a password . Although initially designed as a feature to improve the security of your computer, creating an image that serves as the team password can be a curious way to generate more customization, and we can choose any personal image that is attractive or interesting. The idea behind the image is password is to generate a series of movements that we must continue (with finger or mouse) to unlock the computer. To create one of these images, we must go back to the configuration of Windows 8 , then the tab “Users” and “Create a picture password”. After entering our password, choose the desired image and then follow the steps to set the password. Every time we go to the computer or return from a blocking state will have to enter the chosen movement (if we remember that we can always enter the account password).

3. Customize your desktop. Users who have used previous versions of Windows will be very familiar with these features, so we will just note that for quick access to options to change the color of the taskbar or background screen just drag the mouse to the lower right corner when we are on the desktop, press on“Settings” and then “Customize”.

4. Choose the apps that appear on your screen. The apps for Windows 8 are distributed in the form of bricks through the screen. The user can choose different placement dragging blocks to sort of making it more useful. In addition, pressing the right mouse button on one of the apps we can choose if we want to display the dynamic notifications (small animations with news of the app) or size between small and large . Note that these two options are only available in certain apps. To add applications that are not in the main interface we press the right button and then “All Applications”. In this list select one of the apps with the right and we can anchor it to the main interface or the desktop task bar (if it is a desktop application).

5. Enables synchronization options . One idea that has developed Microsoft is to offer a unified experience for users across all devices that use (an idea similar to what is done on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS). Preferences and personal data can be synchronized across multiple computers from our account of Microsoft , and that includes the customization options as the primary interface themes and desktop appearance. To manage how we want this synchronization we go to Computer Configuration Windows 8 and the tab “Synchronize your settings.” The first two options (“Custom” and “Customize your desktop” options allow you to enjoy our chosen on previous advice across all teams.

6. Decides the applications running in the background and on the lock screen . Several apps of this system are capable of delivering notifications when they are in the background or with the screen locked, such as new instant messages or incoming mail. To configure which apps will run in this way is to visit the configuration PC and then “Customize”. From the menu “Lock Screen” if you click on the little squares can choose the apps that run in this way.

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