Six out of ten households have internet Cordoba and 70% use it daily

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According to INE data, there is still 26.8% of families do not have acomputer. It is noteworthy that 65.2% of children have a mobile device

The National Statistics Institute yesterday made public the data from the last Survey on Equipment and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Households, which reflects the progression that the Spanish and Andalusian society is experiencing in regard to the use of new technologies.

In 2012, 73.2% of households now have Andalusians some type of computer and over 65% have Internet access, a tool whose use is massive, since 70% of those with her daily use, with the ADSL line or broadband connection the most common type. The upward trend recorded this year reflects certain distance with the Spanish average in regard to internet access and broadband connection (see chart), but equates to focus on mobile phone use. Virtually all communities over 90% in use of mobile devices, the average being 94.3% in Andalusia.

Although the home appears to be the place chosen by the vast majority to access the Internet, almost 35% used in the last three months the computer for this purpose in the workplace and 16% in the study center, becoming more minority (less than 4%) internet access parlors or cafes.

Online shopping is not a mechanism widely used of Cordoba and Andalusia users. In the last month, only 32% of those surveyed chose the road to buy some product cybernetics.

THOSE WHO DO NOT USE INTERNET Among the reasons given by those families who claim not to take home a device to connect to the network, the most common (62.7%) is that those living in the household “no need” or “not interested “this service, compared to 27.2% who think that the rates are very expensive and another 27% believing that the necessary devices are priced very high. There are also 31% who rejects this option because it does not have enough knowledge to handle internet and 13% do not have at home because it uses another route, at work or at friends … to connect.

As children 10 to 15 years are concerned, it is noteworthy that nearly 7 in 10 children have a mobile phone while in 2004 only 41.7% had a device of this type. In any case, the number of children with mobile in 2012 is lower than in 2009, for example, where almost 70% of respondents acknowledged using this tool. Much more massive internet use, the users who are more than 90% of Andalusian children 10 to 15 years.

If the child population in internet use is widespread among adults is still not as widespread. In fact, according to INE data, there is still 26.8% of families who do not have any computer at home but only 3% of respondents admit to being browsed the net at least once in the past three months.

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