Shamoon, the malware you format your PC

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A new great enemy of Windows begins to haunt the virtual world, and we’re not talking about a new version of Mac OS or a new distribution of Linux. The villain of the time for the Microsoft system is the trojan Shamoon.

, able not only to steal data, but also to erase the disc information.

It is may even delete important system files, making it impossible to boot – what could be solved only by formatting the machine. Malware is a 900 KB file that appears only in encrypted form, as seen in the image above, released by Kaspersky Lab

As reported Seculert company specializing in security on the web, Shamoon has not yet become a scourge and is infecting machines only a few specific companies. Also according to the posting, also known as Disttrack malware infects a PC connected to the internet and then do the same with all other machines connected to it by the network.

Symantec, the owner of antivirus Norton was the only company that has upgraded its defenses to combat the new threat. The titans of the virus are still working to find out who is behind the Shamoon.


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