Several ways to hack games in the app store for Windows 8

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The Windows Store that Microsoft launched with the release of Windows 8 has a new problem. An engineer working for Nokia has shown several ways to pirate video games sold in the app store.

Problems continue to haunt Microsoft and bet on the new operating system. A few weeks ago, there was development by some hackers to hijack Windows Application Store in the call and not pay for it. Now, as per the resources have found several methods that allow access without checking out the games offered by the online store. A Nokia engineer behind the finding One of the most This finding is striking from where it comes. Justin Angel, engineer Nokia and Windows Phone , detailed in his blog several techniques that allow bypass protection of this content in the Windows Store. His initial goal goes through awareness Microsoft to increase its security measures , but has certainly opened the door fully for users to pay for the games offered in the store. Among the published methods was the way not to pay , remove advertisements and applications how to get certain content within an application without paying for it. Thus, Microsoft’s goal should be to focus on the safety of your app store go beyond trying to make it easier for developers to publish their creations, which is promoting the launch free tools for this purpose.correct signature Will American problem? The new environment has ventured that Microsoft seems to have trouble starting and the classic ” piracy “that haunts most of its products could become an obstacle that prevents W8 content offered to expand in number and quality.

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