Several accounts hacked Xbox Live

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Several Xbox Live account belonging to Microsoft employees have been compromised by various attacks in which social engineering has been used, the company said on Tuesday.

“We are actively working with law enforcement and other companies involved to stop this method of attack and prevent its use for the future,” the company said in a statement that also ensures that security is “critical” for Microsoft , who works every day to create new forms of protection for their members.

Xbox Live

Xbox Live

Microsoft has explained that the attackers used “various social engineering” , which is what is used to trick the employees of a company to present information thinking they are answering an internal email and legitimate.

“We are aware that a group of hackers are using social engineering techniques to commit some high-level account of Xbox Live” of employees currently working in the company and other accounts of former employees.

There is considerable evidence that the attacks could be part of a larger story regarding the pursuit of Brian Krebs, a security blogger to write, say on The Verge .

Recently Krebs has been covering a wave of attacks against Microsoft employees. After publishing the details of the methods used to think they could carry out the attacks, Krebs not only suffered a DDoS attack against its own website , but had a raid by a SWAT team in his home after a fake call told police that someone had entered into his house and had shot his wife.

Krebs sure that these facts, together with attacks on Microsoft employees, from the same person or group.

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