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Visual reduces modified the two traditional pillars of posts to just one.No date for change reach all users.

Facebook is testing a new interface for its Timeline. The idea is that the two traditional pillars of posts Timeline to be just one pass, leaving the cleaner look of the page.

As usual, only a few select people in the social network are testing the novelty.Facebook confirmed the new experience to the site Inside Facebook , but gave no further information about the design is here to stay, or even when anyone can enjoy it.

New look
The left column will be larger and will be responsible for displaying all posts mural – status updates, post messages to your friends and other messages of this kind.


Photos and pictures mural will follow new standard and higher

 While the right column will be reserved only for the person’s profile information, such as recent activity, box friends recently posted photos and check-ins and Likes places.


Picture shows how will the new network design


Because of this, the right column shows a blank page if rolling down a lot. Still, the new amendment may appeal to users who do not like the current Timeline, introduced earlier this year in all profiles.

The new layout also eliminates the time line that separates the two columns of posts, but the lines that separate the months and years are still part of the page – as well as the bar that displays the years at the top right of the photo and then allows the user to skip to a particular month of the year or Timeline.

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