Security updates for Adobe Reader, Flash and Shockwave

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Adobe has its patch day held on the same day as Microsoft. In addition to the announced updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat, the manufacturer has also provided important updates for Flash Player Shockwave Player available.

In the fast moving IT world, it can almost be described as a tradition that Adobe puts its patch day on the same day as Microsoft, even if he does not take place every month. For 14Adobe last week of August, only security updates for its PDF and Acrobat Products Adobe Reader announced . But it should be otherwise.
An attack on the Web already exploited vulnerability in Flash Player , Adobe has prompted the new version to be published 11.3.300.271. The attacks are aimed only at present but the ActiveX version for Internet Explorer that may change at any time. If you do not install Flash Player 11.3, is to avoid the possibility of the equally new version Google Chrome 21.0.1180.79 published that contains the new flash player. This is the Google browser Chrome for 21 in an even more robust sandbox .
In the new Shockwave Player Adobe has fixed five classified as critical vulnerabilities. They could be exploited to inject and execute code. Real attacks on or published exploit code, Adobe has not yet been determined.

Its products PDF Adobe Reader and Acrobat has asked the manufacturers in the new versions 10.1.4 and 9.5.2 ready. In it, the developers have made a total of 20 vulnerabilities, all of which are suitable to inject specially crafted PDF files code. The sandbox for Adobe Reader X (10 *) should normally prevent such code can pass through the system.
For the majority of affected users should the automatic background updater the latest versions of Adobe Reader and Flash Player and Chrome have been installed. Users of Shockwave Player should check the existing version and replace susceptible older versions (up to and including Adobe has for its products mentioned security bulletins released to keep the details ready.

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