Security breach: your passwords are more fragile than ever

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From time to time, we publish several tips for you to create more secure passwords, how to change your passwords frequently and take reasonable care when accessing their accounts. What happens is that no matter how good you are at creating passwords, there will always be a way to discover its secrets .

According to the original text, the security breach from Yahoo!, LinkedIn and other services occurred because these portals do not chose to invest in more efficient techniques for authorization. However, the fault is not only the portals or those who insist on creating codes are easy to remember – yes, there are still many who use the birthday as your password.

Does criminals are smarter? In a way, we can say that. Crackers are creating well-developed algorithms, which can accelerate the processes to discover their codes password. However, what is most surprising in the text is the possibility of using the GPU as an ally in crime.

8.2 billion per second combinations!

Believe it or not, due to the parallel processing capability of a GPU like the Radeon HD 7970 is capable of testing incredible 8.2 billion secret combinations per second. Doing some quick calculations, you may have thought that this number can easily jump to trillions of combinations in a few minutes.


It is worth noting that such a feat was possible only with the use of supercomputers. Now, imagine the possibilities that a PC with multiple boards can not do. It is still important to note that each time the attackers are successful, they learn more how people create passwords.

Passwords … You are creating the the wrong way!

What many people are doing is using passwords are easy to remember but difficult for others to be discovered. Using tips, most seizes a capitalized letter at the beginning of the password and some numerical digits at the end. To you, it may be that the password Adamastor1983 is difficult to break, but believe me, it is very easy.People on average have 6.5 passwords – giving access to about 25 services. It is easy to see by the numbers that users use the same code to access different accounts, which further eases security breach.

To stay safer

Reading this information, you must have been very worried – and you should get it! However, do not get paranoid, because even with incredible machines (that combine GPUs 1000), an efficient algorithm can take up to 10 days to find a password of 8 digits.

Security breach: your passwords are more fragile than ever

Here are some tips to stay really safe:

  • Use programs like Password Safe to generate and store all your passwords;
  • Make sure you create a master password really strong and unique;
  • If necessary, write down this password-secret on a piece of paper;
  • Create passwords with a minimum of 13 digits;
  • Elaborate combinations with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols and spaces;
  • Make a unique password for each account that has your personal information;
  • Change your passwords at least once every six months;
  • Change your password every time you know that you use a service that has been invaded;
  • Search only access sites that use the HTTPS protocol;
  • Avoid accessing your accounts on public computers.

These attitudes may seem a bit extreme, but considering that you have no idea how each service stores and performs the authentication password, a minimum of care is important.


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