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Google has decided to begin closing the service that searches kept operating through SMS , one way to use the browser on those terminals that do not have data rates. Not all mobile users have a data rate contracted at its terminals, therefore, Google has set up the connection through SMS that allows users to access some of the services offered by the searches as searches, calendar, blogging service, mail server or Google Voice SMS .

Google via SMS

Google via SMS

With these services, users who do not count with a data rate available on mobile, could continue to keep track of updated account status and continuous synchronization services. This service is intended for those low-end users, it has brought great benefits to the company in recent years so has decided to close it without making a statement previously and thus preventing possible noise.

Among connection services SMS, SMS Search was the most used. It was a service that allows users to send search queries through text messages to a short number, in this case 466453. Results consisted of information obtained from the various websites and were obteníados via text message.

However, its limited closure warned users on Friday, asking in various forums and on Reddit, where an employee of Google, Jessica S, confirmed the suspicions of the close of the service with the following post : “The end product always involves taking difficult decisions, but we think a lot about each decision and its implications for our users.Make our services. Rationalizing our available services we focus on creating a beautiful technology that will help the lives of people. “

One of the reasons for this decision may be related to the decrease of mobile users without internet connection , which had brought down drastically the number of regular users to the service. The other services via SMS still remain available so that users who wish may maintain your synchronized accounts despite not having a mobile data tariff

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