Scientists transform normal cells into stem cells

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Researchers at Johns Hopkins University , U.S., have developed a method capable of making adult blood cells regress to an embryonic stage, becoming stem cells.

According to a report published by the website Medical Xpress , the new technique would make normal human cells rejuvenescessem, returning to the state they were in when they were embryos only 6 days old. The method, moreover, not only would become the new fountain of youth, but a safe option to treat many incurable diseases such as heart problems, paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries and cancer.

Time machine

To get that true “miracle”, the researchers used plasmids, which are circular molecules of DNA normally found in bacteria and eukaryotic organisms. These molecules have the characteristic of being able to replicate independently of chromosomal DNA, disappearing once they have completed their function.

Scientists transform normal cells into stem cells

The researchers used blood cells extracted from the spinal cords of patients, making small holes in the membranes of these cells with the use of electrical pulses. Then, through these small holes, researchers have introduced plasmids loaded with four different genes, programmed to cause the cells regress to its original state.

After plasmids complete their “mission,” the researchers cultured these cells with bone marrow cells previously stimulated that after 14 days, turned into embryonic stem cells.

Stem cell autotransplantation

In fact, this revolutionary method allows autotransplantation of stem cells, without the need to use cells taken from human embryos and umbilical cords, or use methods that are currently considered controversial and even banned in several countries, such as some cases of couples that generate new children to heal other family members who are sick.

And, hypothetically, this new technique could allow repair any part of our body and cure all kinds of diseases as required, using our own cells for that.


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