Scientists have turned into a display plain paper

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The technology allows you to work with digital images on plain paper, erasing and adding to the image created by the user token of the hand.

Scientists  have developed a technology that can automatically erase, copy, and add pictures, caused by the user on paper. For example, the technology is able to trace the user painted on paper by hand and paint the letters enclosed areas.

“This is currently the only technology that makes the screen plain paper.  Until now it was possible to project the image on the paper and use it as a screen, or transfer pictures, drawn on paper, digital pen to the computer. In the first case, however, the image can be seen only in the dark, and in the second case, the user cannot regain access to the paper that has been already a sketch. “

In turn, the new technology does the image on the paper so that it is visible in any light, and the user always has the option to manually add or change a computer image that was painted before.

For printing on paper by hand using a marker with a thermal ink. They are transparent when heated and made with a laser. Erasing the ink runs good enough, up to 0,024 mm.

In turn, the paper on which to make a drawing, has a photochromic coating that changes color when exposed to light. To complement computer graphics, user-supported marker by hand, using ultraviolet projector.

“The idea is to manipulate the digital image on the paper.We would like to see in the future, users can collaborate on paper documents, as is done, for example, in service Google Docs, where documents are electronic form, “- said the scientist.


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