Scientists find cleaning system of the brain

Neuroscientists at the University Medical Center of Rochester (USA) discovered a drainage system with which the brain eliminates waste, according to a study published Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine”,” expect to have application in study of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The system acts as if the pipes which make use of the brain and blood vessels appears to perform the same function in the brain that the lymphatic system in the rest of the body: the waste drain.

The author of the paper and co-director of the Center Neuromedicina University of Rochester,” said Maiken Nedergaar cleaning waste is of vital importance to all organs and for a long time we have questions about how the brain gets rid of her ” waste.

” This work demonstrates that the brain is cleansing on a more organized way and in a much larger scale than had previously thought,” said Nedergaard who expressed his hope that the discovery will lead to treating brain diseases.

” We hope that these findings have implications for many conditions affecting the brain such as brain damage due to trauma, Alzheimer’s, strokes and Parkinson’s disease,” he added.The team Nedergaard called the new system the system glinfático””, since it acts similarly to the lymphatic system, but is given by the cells of the brain known as glial cells.

The team made the discovery in rats, whose brains are very similar to those of humans.Scientists have learned that the cerebrospinal fluid has an important role in clearing the brain tissue, in charge of carrying the products of waste and nutrients to the brain tissue by a process known as diffusion.The newly discovered system circulates to every corner of the brain more efficiently, through what scientists call the global flow.

” It’s as if the brain has two garbage collectors – we already knew a slow and fast we just met,” said Nedergaard.

” Given the high rate of metabolism in the brain and its high sensitivity, it is not surprising that the mechanisms for disposing of the waste is more specialized and extensive than previously thought,” he added.

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