Scientists develop filter that separates oil from water

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Everyone knows the “enmity” between oil and water, which never mix, no matter what we do. However, the two substances have a real love-hate relationship, because once they are together, it is almost impossible to separate them.

However, according to the site Science News , scientists at the University of Michigan have developed a filter that allows water to pass, leaving behind the oil content without needing to employ any mechanical technique to force the passage of liquid.

Efficient separation

According to the publication, researchers have developed a membrane coated with nanoparticles that attract water molecules, causing the oil, which is denser and repelled by the membrane, stay on the surface of the material. Furthermore, it is not necessary to force the liquid through the filter, because this would work own gravity.

During testing, the scientists were able to remove 99.99% of the oil present in a mixture containing that substance and water. And, according to the researchers, the filter can be useful in cases of environmental disasters involving the leakage of oil or its derivatives in the seas, but it may also be employed in plants for water treatment.

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