Scientists develop a simulation of a human brain far more advanced

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A few days ago IBM initiative met with the program Synapse , an artificial brain that mimics the body’s internal processes with nuclei neurosynaptic 2084, 530 billion neurons and 100 billion synapses. However, the system only showed the internal functions and was not able to perform complex tasks. 

It is precisely what perfects “Spaun” (Semantic Pointer Unified Network Architecture), a complex and advanced brain simulation developed by the University of Waterloo in Canada , who can remember and recognize numbers, plus virtually writing, among other tasks complex. 

The method used by Spaun is to interpret patterns drawn from data displayed on a screen of 28 x 28 pixels, identifying and redirecting information to specific areas in charge of the process, leading to develop the desired task. Thus, the system can recognize, copy, store, count and solve math problems. 

Chris Eliasmith Waterloo University explains that artificial intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds, and now scientists working on the concept of computer or technology neuromorphic cognitive (brain mimicry) are becoming more numerous, although without apocalyptic ends .

Developers indicate that due to their predefined schedule “Spaun” still unable to learn new things or concepts, so right now it is impossible to have the ability to adapt a common human brain, as well as being just as slow as the IBM computer.This, because every second took about two hours. Still, in the future, it is expected that the process can be real time and can help you understand the neurological dysfunction.

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