Scientists detect Solar System ‘alien’

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 Astronomers have discovered a solar system “alien”, very similar to ours, in which the planets describe an orbit aligned with the star. According to scientists, it is rare to be observed in systems of the universe. The generally observed so far, shows exoplanets (as they are called these worlds outside our solar system) orbiting a star so misaligned, each turning in a different way: a planet aligned with the equator, the other more inclined to right, the other to the left, for example.



This week study was published in the journal  discovery, they said indicates that most systems appeared in a similar manner, from a dense cloud of dust, a star around the newly formed, but were misaligning it as interference from other factors. This is the theory of planet formation more accepted among scientists and the data now reinforce the theory.

“According to the theory, we find a planetary rotation aligned around a star,” said co-author Dan Fabrycky, University of California. “This result is very important because they are basic data to prove a theory of planetary formation,” he said.

The system “alien” is a 10 thousand light years from Earth. He is known as Kepler-30 and was detected by the Kepler space telescope, NASA (space agency). The scientists used the technique of detecting the presence of the stars picking up signals of the “transit” them, ie, pointed the telescope at the system and noted how many times the rate fell emission of light and how the dynamics of this movement. This decrease of light occurs each time a planet passes in front of the star, causing an eclipse.

This training, “press” of the Solar System, consists of three planets larger than Earth and a star. The rotation of these three planets are aligned with the equator of the star, as well as in our Solar System.

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