Scientists create pocket radar that uses Wi-Fi to see through walls

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Research shows how the Doppler effect can be used to help police and soldiers in combat areas

While the x-ray vision of Superman does not leave the pages of comic books, technology moves to create alternative ways to emulate this ability. So much so that there are several studies trying to get a result really efficient, as coordinated by University College London, which uses Wi-Fi signals to see what’s behind a wall.

Scholars Kevin Chetty and Karl Woodbridge are responsible for the novelty and claim to have created a device that can detect any movement from behind a barrier based on radio waves. According to them, it is an effect similar to a radar, which makes it very accurate.

In an interview , said the duo that takes advantage of so-called Doppler effect to change the frequency of these waves as soon as something moves. Thus, much as they can not actually see through a solid object, the device indicates that someone is walking or approaching you.

They also say that during the tests, the invention was able to report accurate data on the individual’s location, speed and direction in which he is following.

As the image that opens this news has already denounced, the device can be of great help in time to face threats indoors. In the case of a bank robbery, for example, police can tell if there is any hostage or where in the room are the criminals, facilitating the development of strategies.

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