Scientific method could hack your brain

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And if the brain could be “hacked”Based on this question, scientists from the Universities of Geneva, Oxford and California would be developing a methodology to decipher the brain waves, even giving their private information.

The study, which connected several helmets to students able to decipher some mindsets, measured brain activity and managed to find some important data of the participants.

In one test, for example, the researchers asked each student to think about the personal access code card debt. Then, random numbers were shown on a screen and the participants, at a subconscious level, the brain would eventually give the figures for the card password.

How is this possible?

The big story of snitch is classified as P300 brain signal. The researchers noted that this wave reached peaks when participants saw a familiar number to what they had thought (as the first digit of the password, for example). Thus, the search technique could reduce 10% to 40% of the random data, resulting in decreased random guessing.

This method, however, still need to go through to achieve improvements “hack” with full efficiency the brain – which is rated by many as the “computer” is more complex.


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