Sandy, the island that only exists in Google Earth

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  • Scientists discover that the island is not really where the map indicates
  • It would be located in the Pacific, between Australia and New Caledonia.

Explorer’s dream to discover uncharted territory, but a team of Australian scientists has done just the opposite: find an island that does not exist .

The island, named Sandy Island on Google Earth , also exists in various charts and maps of the world and, apparently, lies between Australia and New Caledonia in the South Pacific, but in reality is not there, reports the Australian newspapers.In an organized trip to visit, the chief scientist of the mission, Mary Seton, and his crew found nothing that emerge blue ocean at the point marked on maps as location of Sandy Island.

“We began to suspect when the charts used by the ship showed a depth of 1,400 meters in an area where our scientists and Google Earth maps showed the existence of a large island, “said Seton, geologist at the University of Sydney.

“Somehow this bug has spread through the worldwide database of coastline that is done with a lot of maps.” The island disappeared has been regularly included in scientific publications since at least 2000 . “Even on board the ship weather maps were obtained for an island here,” said Seton.

Neither the French government-the invisible island would settle in French territorial waters of New Caledonia if any – and the charts of the ship, based on measurements of depth, the island had marked on their maps.

Nabil Naghdy, product manager for Google Mpas Australia and New Zealand, said that Google Earth consulted a number of public databases and private to make their maps . But “the world is a changing place and keep abreast of these changes is a never ending task,” he added.

The discovery took place aboard the RV Southern Surveyor RV, an official Australian research vessel during a research trip of 25 days in the east of the Coral Sea.

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