Sandy Hurricane: New York continues the evacuation of those who refuse to leave their homes

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Some 350,000 people should be evacuated from flood areas | The police are going door to door asking people to leave their homes

New York. (EFE). – The authorities in New York on Monday continued efforts to evacuate from flood-prone areas to neighbors who remain in their homes despite warnings about Hurricane Sandy , whose effects have already caused some flooding in southern Manhattan.

A woman holds her dog after being evacuated from her building in Brooklyn, New York (USA)

Some 350,000 people should be evacuated from flooded areas, but many are reluctant to leave their homes. To do this, the police are going door to door asking people to leave their homes to travel with family or friends, or shelters, where they will receive basic necessities and care for children, since schools also remain closed on Tuesday , after Hurricane predictable.

The Big Apple Mayor Michael Bloomberg called on the public to cooperate with the mandatory evacuation of low-lying areas, which arranged for 26 buses to transport people to 76 shelters that have been enabled with 16,000 beds in citywide.

“We’re not perfect but we can be better prepared,” said the mayor in a press conference to seek the cooperation of New Yorkers with the evacuation of the most dangerous areas before the passage of Sandy .

“The most important thing is that people get out of low areas. Failure value your life, who appreciates the rescuers,” said the mayor, along with Sen. Charles Schumer, who chairs the City Council, Christine Quinn , and members of his cabinet.

As the mayor said, hospitals in the Lower Manhattan area have also been evacuated, while other health institutions remain open to deal with emergencies that may arise.

Although Sandy directly affect not start until tonight New York, several areas are having problems and flooding, as the Red Hook area in Brooklyn, Battery Park in southern Manhattan and Suffolk County on Long Islad, out of town.

“We have prepared for the worst but expect the best to happen within the emergency,” said Bloomberg. In the neighboring state of New Jersey, also declared an emergency zone and last year suffered the brunt of Irene, and has areas with strong water inlets and the famous Atlantic City, and Governor Chris Christie also urged residents to leave of low areas.

Christie reiterated that his main concern is public safety, noting that “there are stupid and selfish” and not to put their lives and those of rescuers at risk and insist that a hurricane stronger than expected, because of its enormous range.

25% of the residents of the coastal areas of the state have refused to leave their homes according to Christie, while in other areas susceptible to flooding 90% has been evacuated. 


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