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Samsung does not miss one. Not one. If a technology works, try to integrate it in their catalog. And if not, it invents. Thus, the Korean shoot in all directions , with all kinds of products, sizes, forms, interfaces and accessories. To invest in the petrochemical industry, ships or financial services.

Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round

It’s kind of what happened with his smart watch Galaxy Gear , which for weeks has been, and remains, one focus of interest in the world of mobile devices. It was not the first, but the most talked. The ‘smartwatch’ of the South Korean offers interesting features and certainly is a very candy for techies . Receive notifications, write messages or draw from the wrist sounds so like science fiction that is irresistible.

However, they are 300 euros clock . A watch ‘hi-tech’ offering functions that, after all, we can do with only taking our phone.Probably a lot more money than most want to spend on a whim , when it also needs a phone to run and is compatible with a few models and in all cases are models of South Korea itself.

However, with its ‘smartwatch’, Samsung was the first to hit and given its popularity and communication strategy, which has made ​​more noise . There are the projects ‘crowdfunding’, the ‘smartwatches’ Italians and even the two models launched andSony . All but known to the general public.

Samsung waited , got it grew anticipation, rumors, and presented on a high in September 2013, at IFA next to Galaxy Note 3 , one of its flagship products. In Spain, the company was presented as a work tool and even as a fashion, an event held on the runway of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid.

Clearly this is a product that will have your audience and as more models come out and reduce prices, consumers interested in a ‘smartwatch’ will grow . And when they are grown, Samsung should be very well positioned in this area. It appears, at least, the target. Also many said the range Note not going anywhereand currently has sold tens of millions. I thought with the first model and the second was and still is one of my favorite terminals.

For Samsung Galaxy Round has not even been needed support as he has had Gear. The flexible display technology has everyone fascinated and since the first prototypes were presented almost a year ago, everyone was anxious to see the first model that exploited. Maybe that’s why it has not even been global event, only two ‘posts’ in the Samsung Tomorrow blog. The news, in any case, has carved a niche everywhere.

So we can say that the Galaxy Round is the first ‘smartphone’ with a curved screen , although we could not put a finger on it. The question is: What is curved screen? That is what you have asked anyone who has seen the new phone from Samsung. ‘s possible that by now at all , except in terms of aesthetics. The company claims that with this form, the device, behind, offers improved ergonomics to grab and ahead, can better reach the edges of its large 5.7 inch screen with your thumb.

Will have to see these supposed virtues when Samsung will allow us to put our hands on Round. What is clear is that, as with the Gear, is a more a matter of ‘marketing’, to see who gets there first, to get headlines . Everyone is always waiting to see “the bext big thing” and while a curved screen in the pocket we will change life, is a milestone.

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