Samsung wins the first round of the appeal against Apple patents

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  • Samsung claims that Apple is using a patent without right.
  • The patent allows users of a touchscreen device to refocus the image on the screen if they move beyond the edge of it.
The technology company  Samsung , which is facing Apple worldwide for dominance in the smart phone market, gave a setback to the block, winning preliminary invalidation of a key patent from Apple, according to a court filing.
The battle is related to Apple’s war against Google , whose software Android powered devices many of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung said in a filing late Monday that investigators Patent and Trademark Office U.S. (PTO, for its acronym in English) had reviewed one Apple patent and decided that  he should not have been granted.

The patent enables users of touchscreen devices to refocus the image on the screen if beyond the edge thereof.

The patent was one of six that a jury in a federal court in California ruled that Samsung would be infringing. The court granted Apple an award of $ 1,050 million  (806.4 million euros) in damages.

The case is being appealed, and Samsung is undertaking other disputes as a request that the PTO reexamine the patent.

The litigation partner at Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian LLP, Scott Daniels, which is not part of the case, said the preliminary invalidation PTO is not the end of the battle regarding the specific patent. Daniels said the patent remains valid through the appeals process.

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