Samsung: “Windows 8 is better than Windows Vista”

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The division president of Samsung’s memory chips, Jun Dong-soo, said that the new version of Windows is not better than Vista . But Dong-soo to not only do not like Windows 8 but also ensures that Surface, the first ‘tablet’ of Microsoft in the market,is having “lackluster demand” .



   Samsung returns to the fray with a partner. Last week the South Korean company withdrew from the market in Germany its Ativ Tab , its first ‘tablet’ with operating system Windows 8. Samsung claimed to recall the low demand for this device. However, the Korean reason seems to have some more.

   Asked about his opinion on the recent reports that the PC market will continue to contract until 2013, Jun Dong-soo has said, as reported by AllThingsD, which does not expect the computer industry recovers soon . He added that if you do not be driven by Windows 8 .

   “The global PC industry is shrinking despite the launch of Windows 8. believe that Windows 8 is not better than the previous Windows Vista platform , “he said.

   However, the charge against the Microsoft products that did not end with the new operating system, also expressed his opinion on Surface. ” Microsoft is seeing lackluster demand with ‘tablet’ Surface . Meanwhile, previous releases ‘ultrabooks’ by Intel and Microsoft just failed and I think that is mainly due to a less competitive Windows platform, “said Dong-soo .

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