Samsung will supply Apple LCD screens in 2013

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A Samsung executive has said that South Korea will reduce the supply of LCD screens to Apple this year and in 2013 will provide this component definivamente of his biggest rival.

Samsung claims that it is able to offer “deep discounts” to Apple about what will happen to the three million LCD screens provided in the third quarter to 1.5 million in the fourth quarter until it disappears completely.

The business relationship between Samsung and Apple continues to cool due to strong competition in the telecommunications sector . Theongoing patent battles between the two companies has been one of the triggers of the abandonment of the supply of components. At first, last September, the U.S. company reduced orders chips to Samsung, the leading supplier of these components with flat screens and microprocessors. Now it’s the turn of the LCD screens.

As has secured a Samsung executive, who did not want to reveal his identity, told ‘The Korea Times, South Korea will reduce the supply of screens this year and will end completely in 2013. “We are able to supply our flat screens to Apple at deep discounts. Samsung has already cut its share of shipments to Apple and next year we will stop sending screens,” says the manager of Samsung.

According to sources consulted by the newspaper, the division of Samsung and Amazon devices is increasing its orders of screens used for ‘tablets’, a sufficient substitute against possible losses by cutting off the supply to the manufacturer’s iPad.

Samsung Display division of South Korea has been the main supplier of Apple for the first six months of this year, sending more than 15 million LCD pantalals , followed by his main rival LG Display and Sharp with 12.5 million with 2.8 million. “However, Samsung sent less than three million units to Apple in the third quarter of this year and we expect shipments in the fourth quarter reduzaca around 1.5 million,” said the source.

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