Samsung will launch the mini version of the S4 and new ‘tablets’ this year

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Samsung plans to launch new devices this year to complete its range of ‘smartphones’ and ‘tablets’ and remain the number one in sales of devices. The South Korean company will release‘tablets’ of seven, eight and 10.1 inches and a mini version of its current flagship device, the Galaxy S4 .

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

   Samsung has become the king of mobile devices. The company has replaced its great rival Appl and in the last quarter getting sales that has less than a third of the global market. The wide range of devices in terms of screen size and features that South Korea has launched have made ​​in the first quarter of 2013 got sold 70.7 million devices, which has been a 32.7 percent market share compared to 28.8 percent a year earlier.

   To continue the market leadership in mobile devices, Samsung plans to launch new models of ‘tablets’ and smartphones for this 2013. On Thursday the director of Samsung for the area of the UAE, Young Soo Kim , said during a question and answer session that the company was planning a new version of the new “flagship” of the company, the Galaxy S4,resistant to water and dust .

   The new model will come under the Galaxy S4 IP67, ie under strong protection against dust and water, without any filtering,one meter for 30 minutes . In this way, the Galaxy S4 IP67 become the direct rival Sony Xperia Z , the most comprehensive of its kind. However, this is not the only model of the S4 due out this year.

   According to have assured the U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal sources familiar with the matter, Samsung also plans to launch a mini version of the S4 . As was the case with the previous generation Galaxy S family, South Korea will launch a4.3-inch device screen next July.

   But not only launch new smartphones. Samsung also plans to the arrival of a new line of ‘tablets’ for the month of June.According to these same sources, the company is working on a new ‘tablet’ eight inches beyond the Galaxy Note 8 , and two versions of another device seven and 10.1 inches .

   With the arrival of these new devices, Samsung is running for this quarter again as the leader in the mobility industry worldwide.

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