Samsung will launch several smartphones with Tizen platform in 2013

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Samsung , like other manufacturers, has already planned its strategy this year that has just begun. Begin this new phase with the good taste that has left 2012, a year in which they have managed to become the largest mobile phone maker in the world and also the first device sales Android . Terminals as the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have raised the benefits of the brand and it appears that will reap success for longer.

Although Android is the operating system that produces more sales, the Korean company thinks not stuck here and already has plans to adapt a new system emerging mobile. As a result of its collaboration with Intel, the platform Tizen is about to see the light thanks to Bloomberg already know that Samsung think throwing in several models with this new system. Currently there are no details on how many terminals nor submit their technical characteristics, for the moment there is suspicion that something might show next February to celebrate the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona but still nothing is clear.

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Tizen is a new mobile platform developed by Samsung and Intel that aims to become the alternative to Android. Similarly the green robot OS, Tizen is open source and is based on the Linux system .Samsung’s strategy to adopt this system would be an alternative to Android in the event that Google’s platform lost influence in the mobile sector, and so depend a little less of Mountain View.

Currently Samsung offers several platforms with their smartphones. On one side is Android , which as we said is the main and most successful products carry their like the Samsung Galaxy S3. Windows Phone is also present in the catalog of the brand, to a lesser extent. After the arrival of Windows Phone 8, reported only the S and Samsung Ativ currently no clues about more models with this system. Finally is the family Wave , comprising terminals and lower-middle range user focused not want to spend much money on a terminal and seeks above all simplicity. The Samsung Wave have the platform Bada , its own operating system that will be replaced by Tizen when officially launched.

The origin of Tizen is Meego , the platform developed by Intel and Nokia introduced the Nokia N9 but ultimately was parked. The new platform will support smartphones, tablets and may also be present in other devices like TVs. According to the images that have appeared, Tizen will have a structure based on applications with a simple interface and well organized, much like Samsung Touchwiz layer present in Android handsets of the brand. Let’s wait a little more for all the details.

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