Samsung will audit their Chinese suppliers for possible labor violations

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Samsung Electronics has confirmed Monday that inspections carried out in 250 Chinese companies that make products for the firm, in order to ensure that labor laws are not violated after a group based in the United States accused one of its providers of child labor .

   Samsung has also said that its audit on working conditions in facilities HEG Electronics in Huizhou, southern China, found no underage workersChina Labor Watch, based in New York, said last month that seven adolescents younger than 16 years working in a plant that manufactures mobile and Samsung DVD players.

   Samsung explained that the audit has identified several instances of mismanagement and potentially unsafe practices as overtime that exceeded local regulations, inadequate security measures and a system of fines for tardiness and absences.

   “Samsung demanded that HEG immediately improve their working conditions. If not satisfied HEG Samsung policy of zero tolerance towards child labor, the contract will be canceled immediately , “Samsung said in a statement.

   The company explained that by the end of September lead inspections at 105 supplier companies in China that produce goods for Samsung only , and year-end review, through documentation, other 144 vendors that make products for Samsung and other companies.

   “If we find that the utility companies are in violation of our policies and corrective measures are not taken, Samsung will end its contract with those companies providing “Samsung has promised.

   The complaint is known after the accusations against Apple for allegedly having operations in China that violated multiple labor laws.

   Apple and its main manufacturing contractor Foxconn Technology Group, whose subsidiary Hon Hai Precision Industry manufactures Apple devices in China, agreed to address the violative conditions suffered by 1.2 million workers that arming iPhones and iPads. That decision could change the way Western companies doing business in China.

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