Samsung will appeal his conviction against Apple

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The South Korean group reported that if they fail to “flip” the verdict, will go to the Court of Appeal.

Seoul-Incheon • Following Apple’s victory Friday in a trial in California, the South Korean group Samsung announced its intention to appeal the decision of the U.S. court sentenced him to pay 1,049 million dollars for violation of patents related to the popular iPad and iPhone.

“We will act immediately to introduce a requirement to reverse the decision and, if not win, we go to the Court of Appeal,” the South Korean group said in a statement.

The trial, the largest of its kind for years in the United States, had generated great expectations for the potential consequences for the market in full swing of touch tablets and smartphones.

After three weeks of hearings and three days of deliberations, the jury found in favor of the group largely Apple, accusing South Korean competitor copied its phone features iPhone and tablet iPad.

Samsung also said that it “will not be the final word”, or in this case, or in other battles being waged in other courts around the world. On Friday, shortly before the verdict in California, a South Korean court ruled that the two were guilty of copying each other.

In the United States, Samsung was ordered to pay 1,049 million dollars. A sum “monstrous and unprecedented”, according to Brian Love, a professor at Santa Clara University, even if the amount is far from claiming Apple (2,750 million)

The South Korean group was also rejected their own accusations against his opponent.

Samsung also believed that Apple had violated several of its patents, including technologies related to wireless internet (wifi).

“Consumers are the losers” of the process, Samsung said in a statement deplored.

The trial Friday drive “at less choice, less innovation and potentially higher prices,” said Samsung, lamenting that “patent law is manipulated to give a monopoly to a group.”

Apple and Samsung are in conflict over patent cases before the courts in several countries, but so far none of the groups had achieved a clear victory.

This time, it is “a huge victory for Apple overwhelming,” he said Brian Love. “All patents were considered valid, and all but one, raped by most Samsung products.”

For Jeff Kagan, an analyst specializing in technology, now the question is “whether Samsung will be able to continue using the technology” incriminated “or if you must remove the devices from the market.”

“In this kind of case in the past, usually the loser can keep selling these devices, but have to pay royalties to the winner,” he said.

But in a market as active as tablets and phones, Samsung has much to lose, if only he was forced to delay the marketing of their products.

Apple is so far unsurpassed in terms of tablets, which was first launched, with 70% market share in the second quarter of 2012 (or 17 million of these devices from a total of 25 million sold worldwide), according to the IDC cabinet.

Samsung is its main competitor, but far behind with 2.4 million tablets sold.

An opposition to the mobile market, where Samsung is clearly a leader. The South Korean group sold 50.2 million phones in the second quarter of 2012, almost twice the 26 million iPhones sold in the same period, according to IDC.

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