Samsung wide lead over Apple

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the two companies were the only 10 mobile phone manufacturers to gain share in the market due to the performance of smartphones iPhone and Galaxy.

Samsung expanded its lead over Apple in the global smartphone market in the third quarter, after recording a wide demand for its latest model Galaxy III.

Through a survey of 40 analysts telecommunications, the two companies were the only top-10 mobile phone manufacturers to gain share in the market due to the performance of its smartphones iPhone and Galaxy.

According to IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo, the quarter will become “a milestone” for manufacturers of smartphones, to expose “the weakness of their performance” compared with the results of Apple and Samsung after the release of their new devices .

Expectations indicate that Samsung sold 55 million units of smartphones in the quarter, this after benefiting from his vast collection of phones, compared with sales of 26.6 million iPhones from Apple.oint out that, for the fourth quarter, Apple reduced the gap with Samsung with an increase in production and sales of its new model.

Among the top 10 handset manufacturers are expected to HTC, LG Electronics and Research In Motion down 30% compared to last year, despite the growth of this market, the Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi said that because these companies are under pressure from Apple and Samsung in the high price segment and Chinese firms in low cost, and do not have an offer that differentiates.

It is also expected that ZTE and Huawei are located in the top five mobile phone vendors for next year, indicating the influence of Chinese companies.

Within the overall market for mobile phones, including basic phones, Samsung is expected to extend its lead over Nokia, to conclude in the first quarter of his reign of 14 years in this sector.

For the third quarter, Samsung is expected to sell 100 million phones.

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