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The Samsumg WB850F is a compact camera for those who like to have options fairly complete by hand. She shoots in Full HD, has instant effects and filters, can be connected to your computer, or even the smartphone to a TV without cables and, best of all, lets you share your pictures on Facebook soon!

The camera is sophisticated enough to be a compact and has the indisputable quality of Samsung, which makes it worthwhile to take a deeper look to see what really stands out in this unit.

Check out the following analysis points we most enjoyed the Samsung WB850F, what could be better and in what situations it is worth investing and buy this camera, which although compact, has some very interesting features.

When it comes to image quality is necessary to take into account the type of camera, since it is not possible to compare a compact with a professional. So do not expect the WB850F has the same performance and result than a dSLR, for example, why it does not.

However, for a compact, the WB850F is really very good, managing to capture great photos. The colors and sharpness – two points that weigh enough to see if the machine can deliver quality results – passed with flying colors in our test!

What does this mean? If you compare the images with photographs taken with other cameras in the same price range, or even photos taken with a mobile phone, the Samsung WB850F will provide better results than most of them.

Hand Controls

In a camera this size, you can not expect manual controls really interesting, but the WB850F surprises and brings incredible possibilities of settings such as shutter speed, aperture and focus, something that is relatively rare on a compact.

Quick Wireless Connection

If you want to have even more options for your camera, such as the smartphone to control it? Or, if the goal is to show the images full size, why not show them on TV? All this makes the WB850F without cables, just that the devices are connected to the same network.

Review: Samsung WB850F

Options for wireless connection and share the Internet. 

For the smartphone, the manufacturer has developed two applications available for Android and iOS, the MobileLink , which allows sending the photos to the phone and the Remote Viewfinder that lets you control the camera from afar using your phone or tablet. Certainly this is a great advantage for those who like to keep the devices always connected with the least amount of wire possible.

Integrated filters

The WB850F has integrated high quality filters to the camera. This means that you can hit with your picture already one of the many effects and quickly share on social networks, without the need for other devices to send and edit.

Social connectivity

This point has quite: the WB850F is totally adapted to be a camera express. That is, you do not need other devices to be able to edit and share your photo, please have a Wi-Fi connection and can send photos and videos to Facebook, YouTube, email, Picassa, Photobucket and to SkyDrive

Integrated Charger

This advantage may seem small, but it’s quite important nowadays. The battery is not charged so foreign, you can plug a USB cable into the camera to do this. The best part is that if you already own a mobile device from Samsung, do not need to use two chargers: input is compatible with all brand gadgets and you only need to take a hold in the bag.

Two different applications

The two connectivity functions with the smartphone are interesting, but what is not cool is having to install two different applications on the phone to access it. 

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