Samsung WB250F: advanced optical performance with full connectivity

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The new Smart Camera 2.0 redefines camera connected with new features like Auto Share Direct Link to offer a better experience to share your photos. 



Introducing our new WB250F camera. The first launch of our Smart Camera 2.0 range combines high performance with maximum photographic connectivity and ease of use. And is that the new Smart Cameras are designed with innovative features that allow users to share their images in an intuitive and quick, capturing all the details and colors at the right time.

WB250F becomes the new flagship of the family of compact cameras WB, which was so popular last year. This Smart Camera offers outstanding optical performance to take crisp, clear pictures anytime, anywhere. Its 18x optical zoom is perfect for close-ups from any distance, while the 24mm wide-angle provides full performance for panoramic images. Also, if the lighting conditions are poorly suited their CMOS sensor BSI backlit 14.2-megapixel image quality and ensures noiseless.

With a careful finish and a classic design while sleek, WB250F incorporates a hybrid interface with a capacitive touch screen of 3 inches’ and five navigation buttons that allow users to capture photos as they prefer. Yes, the photography lovers wishing to make the most out of your computer, also have the option of full manual mode, which gives complete control over the camera settings.

In addition, the new WB250F offers original features and practices as is the case with Best Face and Best Group , the functions selected from a burst of pictures the best one based on the effects of facial expression of one person or of all the group.

Smart Camera 2.0: full connectivity with a single click

We have evolved our innovative technology Wi-Fi to improve Smart Camera range, making the new models in real devices 2.0. Thus, the new features and updates allow users to take and share your photos instantly, revolutionizing the use of connectivity, and providing complete control of the device.

Thanks to the concept ‘One Click’, we share our photos with one touch Direct Link. latter is a customization shortcut to access social networks, upload pictures to the cloud, or send them to our devices connected in a fast and simple. You can easily share many photos as you want through an original and simple interface that has been designed with smartphone users.

Enhanced features also comes AutoShare , which allows images to be sent and stored immediately and directly to a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. The latter also allows backup and store the content instantly.

Furthermore, in our ongoing commitment to introduce a connected world the new application Smart Camera. This new tool allows smartphone users download the application (available on Android and iOS platforms) and connect with pre-installed functions to manipulate, share and backup of the images taken by our cameras connected. Combining three different elements in a single touch, the Smart Camera integrates the updated Remote Viewfinder and Mobile Link,besides Auto Share tools that allow users to control their journey from start to finish.    

The new WB250F is available in two colors: white and cobalt blue, with a suggested retail price of 219 €.

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