Samsung sued for U.S. $ 250 million for poor working conditions

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The Ministry of Labor filed a lawsuit against Samsung for damages in the amount of $ 250 million. The process for collective damages relates to the company’s factory in Manaus Free Zone, which were identified poor working conditions, such as exhaustive journeys and overtime that exceed the allowed limit. In action, for example, include cases such as an employee who worked more than 15 hours straight on a single day or another that went 27 days without a single break. Also, are reported problems related to repetitive stress and the fact that many employees spend ten hours standing while working on the assembly line of smartphones, televisions and air conditioning. The prosecution also points out that the Samsung plant in Manaus presents an index of disease above average, with over two thousand requests for removal last year due to work-related diseases. And the data are further aggravated, since the analysis of the installation that provides at least 20% of the plant personnel will develop type problems 2018.

Samsung Sued for US

Samsung Sued for US

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The action was based on two inspections conducted by the Ministry of Labor between 2011 and 2013. The report found that officials of the Samsung factory carry about three times more strokes per minute than the safe limit observed by ergonomic studies. Additionally, data were collected on the operation time of the assembly line, which shows the demand for time and speed imposed by the South Korean manufacturer. Eg

  • An employee has six seconds to put charger, headphones and two instruction manuals in a box. The task is repeated 6800 times a day on average;
  • Is packed in a flat cardboard box every 4.8 seconds;
  • Mounting a smartphone is shared by several employees on an assembly line and lasts 85/2;
  • The same process, but for an air-conditioning, lasts less than two seconds.


The prosecutor justified the action of R $ 250 million, claiming that the total, as that seems excessive, is equivalent to that Samsung profits around the world. In addition, the agency notes that the amount be divided into all employees who moved individual stocks, each receive U.S. $ 44 000, a value close to the processes that are being moved in the Labor Court of Amazonas. Attorney Illan Fonseca goes further and says that Samsung burdens the state twice. First to receive tax exemptions and rebates on income tax as an incentive to be installed in the Manaus Free Zone. And secondly by generating a high rate of removal, which must be funded by the INSS. Samsung, so far, has not responded to the press about the action.


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