Samsung starts producing the first DDR4 memory modules

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Samsung , one of the largest manufacturers of RAM, has announced that it has begun mass producing the first DDR4 memory modules. These DDR4 memory modules are designed for data center servers next generation.




Samsung has begun manufacturing the first memory chipsDDR4 4GB of capacity with the manufacturing process to 20 nm, allowing you to create modules 16 GB and 32 GB .

The use of these new memory modules enable next generation enterprise servers reduce consumption while increasing system performance. These DDR4 memory chips offer a transfer rate of 2.667 megabits per second, more than 25% higher than the DDR3 chips manufactured at 20 nm and a consumer a 30% lower .

The appearance of the first DDR4 memory modules help to start the expansion of the new generation DDR4 memory. Samsung has created a range of products to suit the needs of different teams that exist, ranging from servers to mobile devices.

It was not until the second half of next year to see the first processors for the consumer market that integrate a memory controller supports DDR4 memory modules. These processors are the Haswell-E to come with up to 8 cores.

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