Samsung started manufacturing folding devices for 2015

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The South Korean giant Samsung has once again show its technological strength. The company announced Wednesday that it will release 2015 folding screens. Thus, a user can buy a tablet that can fold it after use and turn it into a smartphone to keep in your pocket.

The CEO of Samsung Electronics, Oh-Hyun Kwon, said in a conference call with analysts to apply this technology to both tablets and smartphones and other categories of devices such as smart watches. The manager has also made progress he has in mind “improve” their smart watch Galaxy Gear, after the newly released first version received multiple team criticized for being too limited in features and even impractical, especially considering its price .

On this matter, the executive has recognized that the smartwatchs “there is still much room for improvement” and made it clear that the interest of the company in this market “is not casual”. A few weeks ago, Samsung plans to incorporate advanced that flexible displays your Galaxy Gear, something that will occur throughout 2014, according to the Asian Newsis, citing statements from the Korean manufacturer CEO, Europa Press reported.

Oh-Hyun Kwon has stated that the teams arrive flexible displays next year (a few weeks ago the company introduced its first mobile curved screen, the Galaxy Round) and the folding screen in 2015. However, it is not anticipated the wide availability of these devices until late 2016 or even 2017. The jump to folding screens will not be easy, according to Samsung, since it takes some technological developments still unfinished.

The manager made it clear to analysts what will be the Samsung roadmap for the next four years. He spoke of the opportunity to see the company in the above wear devices (which will undoubtedly take advantage of flexible displays and folding) and 4K resolution displays, which as he said Oh-Hyun Kwon mobile reach in 2015. The company is also working on advanced 64-bit processor, like the one included by Apple, its main rival, in its latest mobile (iPhone 5S) and its tablet iPad Air.


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