Samsung Smart TV 2012, in-depth analysis

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Samsung has completely refurbished its platformSmart TV to connected TVs, with the goal of making it more interactive and user friendly. Not surprisingly, the Korean company claims that half of all televisions sold planes during 2012 are intelligent and have the ability to access the Internet and home networks. That involves placing 25 million new Samsung Smart TV televisions worldwide.To achieve this he prepared novel series of devices with large screen diagonals.

The catalog of this year 2012 , models withSamsung Smart TV is the cutting edge LED backlit LCD TV Series ES8000 and ES7000 , as well as plasma televisions Family E8000 and TVsOLED range ES9000 . They all come equipped with the latest versions of software for the Smart TV , including the new control center Smart Hub .

Samsung Smart TV


The new generation TVs increasingly look more like computers all in one, especially those with ability to connect to the Internet. They have an operating system and other pieces of software that come pre-installed, but it is also possible to download and install new applications . The difference is that everything is controlled with the remote control of the TV. These connected TVs can access home networks and the Internet by Ethernet port and often using Wi-Fi without running any wires to the router.There’s even a web browser. Manufacturers incorporate increasingly powerful processors, in high-end models with Samsung Smart TV , are dual core and offer services similar to those of many smartphones on the market.

Every year there are new developments. So how to prevent from previous seasons smart TVs are outdated ? Consumers are used to update their computers, but not so with televisions. At best, the most experienced trying to find if there is a new firmware version to install. Samsung is aware of these limitations, has decided to address the problem by means of upgrade kits (Smart Evolution). The kitincludes a set of hardware and software used to renew the connected TV once a year. For now, these kits will be available for new models Smart TV 2012 onwards. The operation is performed through a slot in the rear of the screen.

Samsung Smart TV

Contents: Applications

The Korean company is continually adding new content to its platform for connected TVs. The truth is that the supply of content available for Samsung Smart TV is not the same in all markets. The goal is to be varied and can satisfy all the inhabitants of the house, whatever their age and interests. Currently, there are over 1,400 Smart TV apps , many designed by independent developers. These include video gameshighly successful smartphones like Angry Birds and international veterans of documentaries likeDiscovery Channel .

The manufacturer claims that, thanks to the dual core processor, the latest televisions Samsung Smart TV are able to work in multitasking and maintain a dozen applications open simultaneously. However, the catalog of services and applications is country . In Spain, under the heading of social networking include Facebook and Twitter , and the web mail service Gmail from Google. Also MyMadrid , the official implementation of the soccer club Real Madrid . Moreover, in collaboration with the Caixa offers electronic banking via the TV. Another very interesting are the video by Skype from the living room screen.In fact, all series models ES8000 carry an integrated HD camera.

Samsung Smart TV

The contents: Services

In Spain, Samsung Smart TV offers various Internet services. They include television content on demand with indigenous and Antena 3, Canal Cocina, History Channel, DNA Films, The Sun and Music . In the sports section, highlight Mark and La Liga . To this must be added the videos that can be downloaded and viewed in real time from various international suppliers such as music videos and concertsMuzu , economic information CNBC , and films and series for all ages of the Disney . On the other hand, include Vimeo (HD video), Explore 3D with its catalog of free Full HD 3D content, and Dailymotion to upload and share videos on the Internet. Also, the video is online Wuaki .

Besides, this year 2012, Samsung has strengthened its exclusive services with content aimed at the whole family to gather in the living room. Under section Kids , the slogan is to learn playing with a wide variety of entertainment options with a special children’s interface also facilitates supervision by parents.With Family History , everyone in the household can share pictures and upload them to a storage system in the cloud from TV or just move them to a tablet or a smartphone. Finally, with Fitness workout is easy on TV, for example, with the application Noom connecting the TV to a smartphone and allows tracking of progress.

Samsung Smart TV


The Smart TVs allow you to surf the Internet, download and watch movies instantly, videoconferencing or enter social networks, for example. They are so packed with features that it is difficult to handle with a conventional remote control. Hence, manufacturers strive to design increasingly intuitive controls. For this season, Samsung launches new remote control with advanced features , the Smart Touch Control 2012, which comes standard with all TVs Family Samsung ES8000 . In the upper part includes a touchpad species, similar to laptops. Simply slide your finger to lower the volume or change the channel, and is effective for surfing the web and to scroll through the various applications and services.

But the manufacturer has curly curl and Samsung Smart TV 2012 has got to be able to give orders to the TV with voice and movement . Be simpler. Also, can recognize the faces of people in the household.The televisions incorporate different sensors capable of detecting the presence and movement of one or more persons in front of the screen. A camera with two microphones unidirectional complete the system. The camera is activated only when it detects a movement and the microphones are in charge of capturing the user’s voice. Using techniques of natural language recognition, the TV can understand verbal commands from the user to control some functions. For example, to adjust the volume, open or close applications and even to search with your voice. Actually, can recognize spoken thirty languages, including Castilian.


Samsung Smart TV Services and applications available in Spain in March 2012
Applications Facebook 
La Caixa
Sports MyMadrid 
National Video Services Antena 3 
Films DNA 
Cooking Channel 
History Channel 
Sol Music
International Video Services CNBC 
Explore 3D 
Online video store Wuaki
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