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A while now, it has become evident the interest of Samsung for flexible displays . The Korean firm has shown its technologies in many exhibitions, but it was done in order to show their innovations to the world. Unfortunately, all of his creations are still far removed from the commercial world. By now, the flexible displays have yet to be part of any phone or tablet that is for sale. Now  Samsung wants to take a step forward in the integration of these flexible displays in smartphones . The CES 2013 , the popular technology fair to be held in early January in Las Vegas , will become a stage for the sample of one of the most innovative products of Samsung . We refer to a new 5.5-inch flexible display , whose implementation in commercial products may not be so far removed from commercial reality …

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It would not be strange that Samsung Display , a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics , may soon implement flexible displays its new Smartphones. As reported by CNET , Samsung will present a 5.5-inch flexible screen for use in SmartphonesThe panel, which would be high definition, would have a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a density of 267 pixels per inch . Would not this the first time that the Korean display a curved screen like this. Already in 2011 , the CES in Las Vegas has hosted the presentation of a 4.5-inch WVGA panel , with an approximate density of 200 pixels per inch . Both displays are perfectly suited to the characteristics, actions and aspirations of the phones that are trend. Do not forget that Samsung was the first company to bring to market devices over five inches . We refer, of course, the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 .

Samsung explained to CNET that good of flexible displays is that they allow the designer an unprecedented freedom in device design. But South Korea is not the only one who is working on the research and development of these technologies. Competitors as powerful as LG and Nokia are also working on their next prototypes in Smartphones and tablets with folding screens that set the trend in the future. Samsung Display has also worked in a striking glass screen that reaches 30 inches , but also in malleable and transparent panels . As if this were not enough, we will see new and more radiant technologies applied in a new 55-inch TV , whose characteristics are still a mystery. We are eager to know the products that will star in this new CES 2013 . And you, what you dream device for the future?

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