Samsung sees reduced the amount to be paid by Apple for patents in the U.S.

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Judge Lucy Koh slashed compensation that Samsung must pay Applein a patent case and ordered a new trial between the two technology companies.

In a 27-page opinion, the judge said that the jury failed to comply with their instructions for calculating damages and compensation decreased $ 450 million from 1,050 million to 599 million .

The judge said that the jury was based on a legal theory “that the court had considered legally unacceptable” . In turn, Koh noted that Apple has the right to seek damages for violation of patents on products that were not considered by the jury.

In this case it is 14 alleged violations former patent Samsung products, while there is another case pending between the two companies for a new line of products as the smartphone Samsung Galaxy SII and Galaxy Tab 10.1 .

The legal battle is also considered a power struggle between rival Apple and Google, whose Android operating system is used on Samsung devices.

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