Samsung registers patent emotional states that connects the virtual faces.

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New technology may allow the development of highly realistic three-dimensional models.

Samsung recently registered a patent for speech recognition that performs a task slightly different from what we are used when the subject comes up. Instead of turning voice commands into actions or texts, the technology created by the company detects emotional states and reproduces in the form of virtual facial expressions.

This task is left to a small three-dimensional model of a face displayed on the side of an appliance company. The technique could be used together to capture lip movements, allowing the display of models with highly realistic movements.

According to the record made by the company, the new technology does not require the facial mapping from one person to function properly. Among the possibilities offered by technology is creating more convincing three-dimensional models and animations for games, and the development of tools allowing more correct way of transmitting emotions that a person was feeling as he spoke something that should be converted into text (something great for those who often uses sarcasm).

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