Samsung presents its new “ultrabooks” FullHD screen Series 9

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So far only announced in the U.S., and the price is $ 1900.

Premium Series 9 Ultrabook with Full HD

Premium Series 9 Ultrabook with Full HD

Samsung has announced a new version of the 13.3-inch Series 9 called Premium. The new ultrabook will feature an LED backlit display with a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080. Samsung has introduced Full HD screens and created a new 13.3-inch version of the ‘ultrabook’ Series 9, EP reports.

With this, the South Korean company q uiere create an ultra portable and easy to carry anywhere and also feature a backlit LED screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 Full HD that offers up to 40 percent more than standard displays HD 1600×900.

“With the resolution of Full HD Premium Ultrabook Series 9, Samsung continues its commitment to innovation to offer c ubrir the needs of growing number of professionals,” said the vice president of Samsung Business Enterprisse, Tod Pike.

“Samsung is offering professionals the tools they need for greater connectivity, productivity and ultimate success.” According to Samsung, this new resolution users can take full advantage of enterprise applications and all that this ultrabook to offer.

Moreover, with the new screen users can better appreciate both the videos like the pictures, which also makes it ideal for professionals who have to work with videos or images with a lot of information.

Moreover, 50 percent brighter than standard displays in portable, which makes colors more vivid. The new version of the Series 9 has a long battery life and a life of 1,500 cycles, three times longer than a conventional battery.

Inside features an Intel Core i7 to 1.9 GHz with Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics, 4GB of RAM and a 256 GB hard drive. The ‘ultrabook’ will feature the Windows 8 operating system. So far only announced in the U.S., and the price is $ 1,900 (1,465 euros).

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