Samsung presents Galaxy Note II, more battery, screen and Android Jelly Bean

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Samsung launched last year a terminal that many doubted by his unusual bet. No wonder, the South Korean company was inaugurating a new category, somewhere between the ‘smartphone’ and ‘tablet’. And with ‘stylus’ as well. Triumph, imitators have come and, of course, already have new version.

   Samsung has unveiled the successor to the hybrid phone ‘tablet’ Galaxy Note at its Unpacked conference held on Wednesday August 28 in Berlin, on the occasion of the celebration this week at IFA 2012. Is a terminal which is the previous line and improves various aspects.

   First, as was the case with the recently announced new Samsung Galaxy Duos, the new hybrid approach in its design to the Samsung Galaxy S III, the current flagship of the company.

   On the screen is a Super AMOLED with resolution 1280 * 720 pixels (Reduced 1280×800 compared to the first model), on the other hand, the design also stands out because it grows by 5 inch Galaxy Note Original to 5.5 in the second version. About the first to think I was a huge terminal will miss with this evolution.

   The thickness drops to 9.4 millimeters. This is an interesting achievement, as Samsung has expanded the battery capacity from 2,500 mAh to the first model of the new 3100.

   As for his power, work with a quad-core processor at 1.6 GHz and have 2 GB of RAM. On the other hand, will support 3G and 4G LTE networks.

   Regarding the ‘software’, the Samsung Galaxy Note II emphasizes that come with the latest version of Android, 4.1, known as Jelly Bean.


   Of course, the management of interface points for using the S Pen, the popular accessory that came with the first Galaxy Note and allowing mixed control with finger or stylus. When everyone thought that the pen did not make sense in the age of capacitive screens, Samsung successfully recovered it.

   The S Pen has evolved to detect up to 24 pressure levels. Thanks to this development, Samsung has designed the Air View function, which, for example, allows you to preview emails without opening the tray, or calendar appointments, touching them lightly.

   The South Korean company has created several new applications that capitalize the S Pen, as Idea Visualizer, a notebook to jot down ideas that recognizes the words you type and automatically includes an image. For example, typing “baby”, the system automatically enters the drawing of a baby.

   Also new is ‘Easy Clip’. When turned on, we can cut a portion of any image-specific supplements about a face, etc. – And automatically send it or share it through any application as a new picture, incorporating notes if they wish.

   Samsung has also created an application that is associated to the phone, called ‘pop up note’. When we are talking about and need to point out something, at the touch of a small icon can take any type of note with the S Pen, as if it were a book.

   On the other hand, South Korea has announced that several applications of ‘third parties’ as Moleskine, Autodesk Sketchbook or Coach’s Eye of TechSmith, already have versions specifically tailored to work with the S Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

   The Samsung Galaxy Note II will launch in October 2012.

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