Samsung patented new audio systems and 3D interface for mobile devices

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The war between Apple and Samsung seems to be far from over. Besides the incredible sales of the brands Galaxy S3 and the promise that the iPhone will be the fifth major release in the history of electronics , the battle has gone too loose in the courts, even reaching the point of banning the sale of the Galaxy Tab in EU countries .



Adjustable directional audio and 3D are part of Samsung’s new inventions 

However, it may be that this competition so fierce technological advances that will emerge shining eyes of consumers and addicted to gadgets. An example is Samsung’s patents published by the site Patent Bolt . In the article, we describe two new features that may be present in future releases of the company: a directional sound system and a 3D interface that will detect “hits” to the next screen.

Just listen to those who are in the right position

ATMs have an interesting feature: its display is normally seen only by those who are just ahead of him. If a smart guy tries to look on the sides, the picture is not so clear. Now, imagine if this could be done with the sound: on the bus, only the owner of the phone would be hearing the “Batidão”, even without using headphones, and others who were close to him would not listen to music.

With the new system, only those who are in the right direction sound from the mobile 

Too good to be true? For know that this is just one of the new Samsung’s patents. With two sets of transmitters that transmit the audio from the front and both rear of the device, Samsung expects that consumers can enjoy your music without becoming completely isolated from the surrounding environment, sensing other noises.

This patent was filed in the third quarter of 2011 and published in the second quarter of 2012.

Interaction with 3D images

Even that obviate the use of special glasses, the three-dimensional interfaces in mobile devices are no longer new. However, Samsung plans to bring a very nice feature of the technology.

Interaction with the interface without actually touching the screen 

Imagine you are watching a 3D movie and suddenly need to pause the video. With the vision accustomed to the effects that jump off the screen, you may press the air instead of touching the screen truly. But with Samsung’s patent, would you still pausing the video.

Another innovation: independent adjustment of the depth of an object

In addition to a technology that provides multiple levels of depth, the company also plans what is calling a “near touches”, ie, rings next to the display at a predetermined distance from the screen. That way you can interact with objects displayed and not with the touchscreen itself.


According to another image of the same patent, it is also possible to adjust the depth of a particular element. In the above example, one can see that the image which illustrates only the text is 3D, after a touch. So you can highlight or raise the visibility of an object without distorting the formatting of the rest of the screen.


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