Samsung MV900F, compact camera to upload to the Internet self-portraits

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Last year the Korean manufacturer surprised the users with their first digital camera with flip screen. Now, it appears the Samsung MV900F , a new machine range Multiview . And is that the existing screen in the back of the body is hinged and can rise to 180 degrees . This facilitates making the most of self-portraits (up to whole body), because the screen is placed just above the target, so the photographer can check the frame from any angle.

This 3.3-inch screen that is touch still holds surprises. It’s an AMOLED (made of organic plastic) as the high-end smartphones from the same manufacturer, and offers a resolution WVGA. It integrates a backlit CMOS sensor capable of capturing 16.3-megapixelNot only is designed to take pictures, but also to record videos and share them online. Record videos with a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels at 30 fps (frames per second). As this Samsung has wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi integrated, upload pictures to the Internet is really easy, just as move them to a computer, a smartphone or tablet.

samsung mv900f

Samsung has managed to share the images taken with this camera in Facebook, Picasa, YouTube and Photobucket is a task almost instantaneously. Is just as easy to view images on a TV Samsung Smart TV, without connecting any cables, just press the Smart Link. Furthermore, the manufacturer has a motion sensor built to facilitate shooting from any angle, without having to touch the machine. Is the trigger gestures that can control the machine by moving the hands. For example, in a circular motion of the hand adjusts the zoom.

The lens zoom of 5x is bright (opening of F 2.5), and equivalent to 25-125 mm in 35 mm. That gives an idea of his vocation for the portraits and group shots, which can even be done at night or indoors. Either way, the user has available a low light mode , which captures three images in succession with a single shot, the camera then combines them into one. Also, the MV900F allows small photo retouching directly on the camera, through the touch screen. It is possible to change the look of a face photographed with up to seven different makeup thanks to the beauty palette . To this is added various artistic effects, or the ability to add an image into another or combine several into one.

Despite all these benefits, is an extremely compact and lightweight camera. The aim is hidden inside the machine when not in use. Available in four colors: white, red, black or fuchsia . Throughout the month of August, the Samsung MV900F begin to be distributed at retail selling price of around $ 350 (300 euros).

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