Samsung may see the agreement between Apple and HTC, but no figures

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Apple has agreed to provide a copy of the patent agreement with HTC to Samsung, but it will be a limited release and white economic quantities.

Samsung may have a look at the cross-licensing agreement signed by patent Apple and HTC a few weeks ago and extending into the next decade.

The Korean had a court order to access the document for being “very important” in terms of intellectual property litigation remains with the Cupertino company. The manufacturer of the Galaxy explained that it is “almost certain” that the pact between the Cupertino company and HTC cover some of the patents involved in its dispute with Apple.

” HTC has shown compliance with the exhibition of the document by Apple on two conditions: 1 – The agreement must be marked ‘highly confidential’ and only the lawyer may view and 2 – It needs to be suppressed the amount of contrapestación “says Apple .

According to the apple company, Samsung would have undertaken to comply with both requirements. However, he clarifies that Samsung’s request is ‘unnecessary’ because she and HTC had already agreed to provide an edited version of the document.

As recorded by The Register , together with the document Apple will provide e-mails between lawyers for both companies. For Samsung, this is satisfied by being able to access the information. However, he warns that prompted the entire agreement rather than the limited version if deemed necessary.

With the petition, Samsung is trying to look for a possible veto returns of their products, since one of the arguments of the signing of the apple was the violation of intellectual property by the Korean could not be resolved with license fees.


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