Samsung manufactures semiconductors for STMicroelectronics

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Samsung has partnered with STMicroelectronics. According to his information, the production of systems-on-a-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, consumer electronics and networking equipment with 28 as well as 32 Naonometern linewidth is already underway.


STMicroelectronics, based in Geneva, according to the Korean news agency Yonhap seventh largest processor manufacturer in the world. With industrial semiconductors , it is ranked 3 in the world – behind TI and Infineon. The agency commented, Samsung this was an opportunity to strengthen its business as Foundry – that the chip manufacturing for other semiconductor companies that do not have their own production.

To Samsung’s customers for whom it manufactures processors, and Apple, the chips like the A5 (the iPhone 4S), A5X heard (in the iPad 3) and A6 (the iPhone 5) itself only designed by developed ARM designs. However, Apple would reportedly reduce its dependence on Samsung happy with it as a rival device makers and it has accused the successful imitation of his Tablets:By a court in San Jose, Samsung was sentenced to a $ 1.05 billion damages.

Samsung recently had 4 million U.S. dollars in the renovation of a chip factory fitted in the USA. It said this was necessitated by the growing demand for its smartphones.

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